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 Practice on real patients through evidence-based learning

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Practice on Patients

Delta Dental Academy is among the few organisations in the UK that offer the opportunity to practice on real patients. We believe there is no better way to learn something than by doing it, and the practical elements of our courses provide this unique and essential opportunity for delegates.
Attendees perform treatment under the supervision of our highly experienced teachers, putting into practice all the techniques learned and discussed during the theoretical parts of the course. For shorter courses, delegates will have the chance to practice what they learned using models and simulation systems.
At Delta Dental Academy, we aim for all our attendees to leave our courses with the confidence and ability to put the techniques they’ve learned into practice the very next day.

Laser-Focused on Attendees

Attendees are always our absolute focus.

Every course, lecture, and hands-on session is designed to provide maximum value for the clinical practice. This is why our main courses, such as Dental Implant Fundamentals and 10 Days Endodontics dedicate a large number of curricula hours to practicing on real patients.


The Founders

Delta Dental Academy was founded in 2016 by Massimo Giovarruscio and Alfonso Rao, with the ambition to provide dentists with the solutions they need to improve their professional skills and gain confidence in clinical procedures.
Massimo and Alfonso have been both teaching dentistry for many years, with the focus on endodontics and implantology. They have always aspired to build the perfect teaching and learning environment, where course delegates can learn everything, they need in order to understand concepts and put them in to practice.

The Location

Delta Dental Academy is located in the heart of Bristol – UK. The premises were renovated just before the lock down, so we are excited that soon we will be able to welcome back our delegates and host courses again!