10 Days Endodontic Course

10 Days Endodontic Course

Learn through theory, hands-on and on patients everything is crucial for the professional endodontist.

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The 10 Days Endodontics course is designed to teach all the basics of Endodontics: from protocols to instruments, this endodontics course will include the delivery of both theory based and hands-on learning, including the opportunity to treat live patients.

During the course attendees will understand the biology surrounding endodontic diseases while practicing contemporary endodontics and the learning the scientific evidence behind these techniques.

The aim of this course is to equip delegates with the knowledge to achieve predictable outcomes and get exceptional levels of care. The course will be delivered by endodontic specialist Massimo Giovarruscio, a Styleitaliano Endodontics Gold Members.

Available editions

January 2021

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29th, 30th January 2021
5th, 6th February 2021
5th, 6th March 2021
26th, 27th March 2021
23rd, 24th April 2021

Course program

Module 1

1 day theory, 1 day practical
Module 1 consists of two days and includes an introduction to the course, the theory behind root canal treatment. Diagnosis and treatment plan, conservative access cavity on extracted tooth. On day two attendees will go through the case assessment. Every delegate will assess the patient and discuss treatment plan.

Module 2

On day one the topics will be the theory behind a safe irrigation technique and the shaping of the root canal using the latest rotary file. On day two we will go through the case treatment: anesthesia, rubber dam placement, conservative access cavity design and canal preparation in a live patient.

Module 3

The Module 3 covers the theory behind the root canal obturation, importance of 3D obturation and warm vertical compaction. On day two we will go through the filling the root canal in extracted tooth and on 3D printed replica tooth.

Module 4

The two days of Module 4 include a theory behind the restoration of endodontically treated tooth and the strategy of the latest adhesive technique. On day two we will go through the case completion: 3D obturation procedure and restoration of the tooth with fibre post and/or core composite, bulk fill on live patient.

Module 5

Take your endodontic skills to the next level in this new and exclusive Module 5.
Self-paced hands-on exercises and one-on-one coaching enable participants to increase their endodontic talents and treatment abilities. Dr. Massimo Giovarruscio performs root canal retreatment on live patient under a microscope enlarged to 16x linked to a 6-foot television monitor, enabling clinicians to view every demonstrated aspect of the procedure from the beginning to end in 3D imaging. Performing the repairing techniques on your own supply of Master MTA replica™ by Styleitaliano Endodontics teeth allows for truly iterative learning as you work on the same teeth used for instruction, rather than a random experience working with extracted human teeth.


Massimo Giovarruscio

Dr. Massimo Giovarruscio is a highly skilled professional, with extensive experience in endodontics, restorative and aesthetic dentistry

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