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Adhesive Direct Composite Restorations of the Anterior Teeth


Course description

“…nothing increases or decreases professional prestige more than a good or bad restoration performed in anterior teeth…”

In the anterior areas, aesthetic restorations with direct techniques have particular difficulties in terms of diagnostic and operative phases. The restorative approach must be as “biomimetic” as possible: it is necessary to emulate faithfully the natural teeth from an aesthetic and functional point of view. An in-depth knowledge about form and color (of natural teeth) as well as composite
materials and adhesive procedures is essential, today, to satisfy the ever-increasing aesthetic requests of patients. The indications, cavity design and “modified anatomical stratification” techniques, the important stages of finishing and polishing of the composites will be analyzed. practical demonstration of the speaker will clarify all the procedures about the injection technique.

Procedures must be predictable, accurate and non-imaginative and allow for any correction steps. Ultra-conservative techniques (eg micro-abrasion, erosion-infiltration, fragment re-bonding) and
mucogingival surgery are further options for a complete approach to the aesthetic areas. The innovative Injection Molding Technique with highly filled flow composite may be an ideal solution in some peculiar restorative cases or in cases integrated with orthodontics and periodontal surgery. Direct techniques can also be an ultraconservative therapeutic option for the restoration of severely compromised teeth due to invasive cervical resorption. All advanced restorative solutions will be examined and described with the help of many clinical cases and a beautiful video.
The hands-on part will be essential to learn the techniques of direct restoration in composite guided by silicon indexes, while the practical demonstration of the speaker will clarify all the procedures about the injection technique.



  • Defining the update indications for direct anterior restorations.
  • Illustrating the advanced clinical procedures to do invisible anterior restorations.
  • The learn the differ solutions with direct approach:
    • Composite Layering technique driven by silicon index,
    • Veneering free-hand,
    • Press-technique,
    • Flowable Injection technique,
    • Intrasurgical restorations,
    • Minimal invasive techniques.
  • Analyzing the use of direct techniques for extreme restorations.

Course speakers

Marco Veneziani

Born in Piacenza, Italy. Graduated in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis at the University of MI 1988 with 110 cum laude. Active member of the Accademia Italiana di Conservativa e Restaurativa

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