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Introduction to CBCT

A practical course covering the basic elements of CBCT. Radiation protection, CBCT software, dose optimisation and many other practical tips.



Course description

A full day programme covering an introduction on current guidelines for CBCT with information and advice on correct patient positioning, volume selection, implant planning software and reporting.

This course is designed for all dentists and dental care professionals who prescribe and use CBCT scans for their patients.



  • The basic principles of CBCT and using CBCT software for planning.
  • Principles of Radiation dose and risk in CBCT.
  • Dose optimisation by volume, resolution selection and patient positioning.



  • To be confident prescribing and taking CBCT images and selecting the correct volume and resolution to meet the clinical needs but keeping the dose to a minimum.
  • Know the radiation risks involved for patients and operators.
  • Be able to use CBCT software to plan a case and combine datasets for more complex cases.

Course speakers

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