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Occlusion, TMD and Restorative Dentistry for the GDP


Course description

This is a one-day comprehensive course designed to provide delegates with a thorough understanding of occlusion and TMD. Furthermore, delegates will learn how to plan and treat advanced restorative cases. The course will combine theory and hands on exercises.


Course structure and learning objectives:

Dental occlusion and the function of the masticatory system is the foundation of dentistry. However, it is probably the topic which most confusion creates among dentists. Throughout this course occlusion will be clarified in a simple manner, making the restorative dentist feel in complete control at increasing the OVD and reorganising patient’s occlusions. In addition, delegates will learn how to diagnose, classify and manage TMD patients.

The course will combine lectures and hands on exercises throughout a day.



  • Functional anatomy and physiology of the masticatory system (TMJ and muscles of mastication)
  • Determinants of occlusion
  • Bruxism and its repercussions
  • Classification, differential diagnosis and management of TMD
  • Occlusal splints: The different types of splints and their specific indications
  • Rationale and use of a Facebow
  • Principles and types of articulators
  • Interocclusal records
  • Appropriate planning when reorganising the occlusion
  • Increasing the OVD


  • Occlusal examination
  • TMJ examination
  • Instruction in jaw manipulation to accurately obtain centric relation
  • Verification and registration of centric relation
  • Facebow record taking
  • Fabrication of an anterior deprogramming device (Lucia jig)
  • Technique to verify the accuracy of your diagnostic casts
  • Mounting of casts in centric relation on a semi-adjustable articulator

Course speakers

Jon Bassanini

Expert in: Occlusion, TMJ, Restorative Dr Jon Bassanini graduated with Honours from Madrid in 2009. Shortly after, he moved to the UK, where he started working as a general dental

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