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The Styleitaliano Direct Workflow


Course description

To satisfy increasing patient demand for whiter smiles, the #WHITEOLOGY approach has been designed to help restore healthy smiles in every day practice; accredited by the StyleItaliano leaders.

The aim of the StyleItaliano Direct Workflow course is to allow you to optimise your patient strategies for success in single session, incorporating both theory and hands-on learning elements.


  1. Photography and Documentation
  2. Tooth Whitening
  3. Loupes and Magnification
  4. Preparing and Cleaning
  5. Matrix Systems
  6. Shade Taking
  7. Restoring
  8. Sculpting
  9. Finishing and Polishing

Course speakers

Monaldo Saracinelli

Monaldo Saracinelli lectures on direct and indirect aesthetic composite restorations in anterior and posterior teeth in Italy and abroad. He was a student of Prof. Fabio Toffenetti and Riccardo Garberoglio and became

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