Dental Implants in the Aesthetic Zone Masterclass (DIAC M3)


Speaker: Rob Oretti
Venue: Queen Square Dental & Implant Clinic, Bristol
Dates: Friday 17th May 2019
Price: £400
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The goal is to create a harmonious aesthetic outcome around dental implants that mimics the surrounding dentition and soft-tissue condition. This is difficult to create and maintain long term. Bone remodelling and soft tissue recession are known adverse factors which can negatively impact upon the final long term outcome and the extent of these changes are often considered unpredictable when considering the immediate implant approach. This presentation will discuss the critical factors associated.

With case selection; the relevance of the surgical techniques employed and a step by step surgical sequence demonstrating how postoperative changes can be significantly reduced on a predictable basis. Nevertheless, despite careful planning and execution, adverse outcomes can still occur and this presentation will also highlight the procedures that are required to correct compromised outcomes. Key skills areas for optimising aesthetic outcomes will also be discussed.

This course is a module of the Dental Implants Advanced Course

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Course Aims & Outcomes

Learning Objectives:

• To be familiar with the rationale for choosing differing implant treatment options with an emphasis on evidence based dentistry

• To appreciate the role of differing treatment strategies that are utilized (such as soft tissue grafting) to enhance the aesthetic outcome

• To be familiar with the procedural steps required to deal with and correct adverse aesthetic outcomes.

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Friday 17th May 2019


Queen Square Dental & Implant Clinic, Bristol


Rob Oretti