Digital Workflow Course (DIAC M6)


Speaker: Ross Cutts
Venue: Queen Square Dental & Implant Clinic, Bristol
Dates: Friday 13th & Saturday 14th September 2019
Price: £400
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Stay ahead of the competition and become a leader in digital dentistry. Technology has revolutionised the implant workflow, improving the quality and efficiency of the treatment. The participants will get a comprehensive overview of the most up-to-date workflow involved in digital dentistry and how they can incorporate this modern treatment modality to enhance their clinical practice. Take this course to learn how to digitalise your workflow from surgical guide design to final restorations.

This course is a module of the Dental Implants Advanced Course

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Course Aims & Outcomes

Learning Objectives:

• To demonstrate complete digital workflow

• To provide hands on intraoral scanning experience

• To provide hands on CoDiagnostix experience and workflow

• To discuss file types and integration and use of different file types such as STL and DICOM

• To look at different types of model fabrication

• To look at chairside screw retained restorations with Variobase

• To look at more complex SAC restorations including large framework restorations and workflow protocols

Additional Information

Friday 13th & Saturday 14th September 2019


Queen Square Dental & Implant Clinic, Bristol


Ross Cutts