Endodontic Treatment Course


Safe and Ergonomic Shaping and Cleaning of the root canal system using 2Shape and Endoultra

Speaker: Filippo Cardinali
Venue: Henry Schein, London
Dates: Coming Soon

This is a multimedia presentation with live demonstration and with extensive hands-on section on MMTooth. a 3-D printed plastic tooth; to facilitate incorporation of proven predictable techniques into everyday patient care.

Course Aims & Outcomes

Course Aims

The aim of the hands-on course is to show how nowadays this goal is achievable using the 2Shape, the new shaping system created by MICRO-MEGA, and the EndoUltra, a wireless ultrasonic device dedicated to the cleaning of the root canal system.

Learning Objectives

Root canal shaping and cleaning are two essential steps of the root canal treatment to achieve a positive outcome. The evolution of instrumentation allows the operator to execute precise and totally mechanical root canal shaping and efficient cleaning of the root canal system, allowing the achievement of high quality shaping and effective cleaning with less effort, in less time and safely.

The main feature of the 2Shape is the heat treatment of the alloy, which combines the knowledge of MICRO-MEGA on the designs of the files such as cross sections, taper, helical angles and many other specifications led to the creation of a system consisting of two very flexible and fracture resistant files that are able to shape difficult canals respecting the original endodontic anatomy. The main feature of the EndoUltra is the simplicity of use thanks the wireless technology and cleaning efficiency.

The combined use of these two systems creates an ideal situation for a correct root filling allowing the clinician to successfully complete the endodontic treatment. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice what they have learnt using the 2Shape rotary files for shaping and the EndoUltra device for cleaning.

Additional Information

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Dott. Filippo Cardinali


Henry Schein, London