Sinus and Bone Grafting Course (DIAC M2)


Speaker: Koray Feran
Venue: Queen Square Dental & Implant Clinic, Bristol
Dates: Friday 8th & Saturday 9th March 2019
Price: £1250
Development Outcome C

This intensive two day module is a comprehensive theoretical introduction to basic and advanced sinus and bone augmentation surgery for implant surgeons. The module will cover everything you need to know about sinus augmentation surgery.

The module consists of lectures to provide education in sinus anatomy, physiology, indications, techniques and armamentarium for internal and external augmentation techniques, tips and tricks, avoiding and managing complications and failures, bone augmentation biomaterials and restoration of implants placed in sinus augmentations as well as the consent process.

Course sponsored by Botiss Biomaterials

This course is a module of the Dental Implants Advanced Course

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Course Aims & Outcomes

Learning Objectives:

• Develop an understanding of the anatomy of the maxillary and paranasal sinuses

• To be able to diagnose sinus disease in relation to dental practice and knowing when to refer

• When is sinus augmentation indicated and what are the alternatives?

• Techniques on the approach to augmenting all types of sinus

• Hints and tips to provide predictable results based on the current liter

• Learn to prevent and manage complications and the consent process

Additional Information

Friday 8th & Saturday 9th March 2019


Queen Square Dental & Implant Clinic, Bristol


Koray Foren